Success Stories


"For years I have been living with shoulder and hip pain/discomfort, and reluctant to see a doctor. My husband convinced me to see his chiropractor, Dr. Dave, and it was a life change. I regret all those years of putting it off, in a manner of 4-6 weeks I was virtually pain free in my lower back and hip, and had full use of my shoulder and arm again, which previously I could not lift at all. That's why he is #1 doctor for me."

-Teresa M.

"Over 8 years ago, I injured my lower back badly. Thankfully, I had chiropractic experience in my past, and sought out Dr. Hargraves. In a few weeks,  I was well enough to get back to my labor intensive work. Since then,  I have entrusted my spinal care to him. I credit his care for how healthy my back is now. I have an injury from 37 years ago that was extremely bad. It took 2 years to heal. Once in a while, that injury causes pain, and a quick adjustment from Dr. Dave fixes it immediately. I feel that his care should be an ongoing lifestyle,  like eating well and exercise. My healthy back would not exist without him."

-Chip M.

"I have suffered from lower back pain since I was sixteen years of age that resulted from a sledding accident. I am now sixty three, and have had numerous episodes of debilitating back pain over the past forty seven years and have had such treatments as traction, massage therapy and at one point in my early thirty's even surgery for a ruptured disc. All of this said, I am no stranger to varying degrees of back pain ranging from mild to debilitating. With all of this, the one thing that I had never tried was chiropractic therapy. During the summer while body surfing I twisted my back and suffered another episode of debilitating back pain. At the urging of one of my neighbors, I made an appointment with Dr. Hargraves. When I entered his office I was in what he called a Z-Profile, I had another name for it that I cannot use in this story! After one visit, I left standing up straight with much less pain. Now in my third week of treatment with his clinic I am feeling better than I have ever felt at any point in time. I thank my neighbor for his advice, but most of all I thank Dr. Hargraves and his excellent staff for the outstanding care that I have received. What took me so long?"

-Mike A.

"When I found myself on vacation here in the Outer Banks, I started having issues with my lower back. I then found Dr. Dave at Outer Banks Chiropractic. He and the staff worked with me and saved me from a very frustrating vacation. If you are ever in the OBX area and you find yourself in need of chiropractic care, you won't find a better place to go. Thank you Dr. Dave and staff!"

-Dennis R.

"Dr. Hargraves saved my vacation! I arrived with a hip and pelvis out of alignment. It was so bad that I couldn't walk. Dr. Hargraves fit me in his schedule in a timely manner and was able to get me back in shape fast! I was able to have a great vacation, hiking and walking on the beach, thanks to Dr. Hargraves."

-Susan F. 

"When we started on our vacation from Philadelphia to OBX, I had some lower back pain but it was tolerable. After the drive and after participating in some family activities, I noticed that my lower back pain went from a 4 out of 10 to a 10 out of 10. It happened out of the blue one night after dinner; so bad to the point where I couldn't even walk down the stairs. I had never experienced this type of debilitating pain in my life. The next morning, my wife did some internet searching to find out whether a deep tissue massage or a chiropractic treatment would be the best option. We are very happy that we decided to go with the chiropractor. Dr. Hargraves' office was able to take us in the same day. The office staff was compassionate, pleasant and understanding. Dr. Hargraves is very knowledgeable and skilled in his practice. After the second visit, I was able to stand up straight and I had less pain and pressure. I did a total of 4 visits and plan to see a chiropractor back home in Philadelphia. My wife and I thank you so much!"

 -C. W.

"Four years ago while vacationing on the Outer Banks I over indulged in boogie boarding and other beach activities. Dr. Hargraves business magnet was on the refrigerator of our rental unit. Dr. Hargraves gives an adjustment like no other chiropractor I have gone to in forty years. He uses no new age techniques just a time honored and proven manual alignment. I do not come to the Outer Banks without visiting Dr. Hargraves. I have considered driving from my home in Pittsburgh, PA to the Outer Banks for adjustment. He is that good!!! If you are a visitor or resident of the Outer Banks, you owe it to yourself to give Dr. Hargraves a try. Your body will love you for doing so."

-Jim G.

"I was in a car accident that caused me to have a broken neck and severe neck and back whiplash. I had constant back pain and could no longer do the things I love like run or play sports. I came down to NC from VA for a vacation and figured I would try a chiro here since I hadn't had much success with the many I tried in VA. After a little over a week I had never felt better! I was back jogging and no longer had my back pain. It was amazing!!! My neck is now free to move and I can go back to the things I love after a long year of battling with the pain. Thank you so much Dr. Hargraves!"

- Josh S.

"While on vacation I woke up one morning with a vertigo relapse. Anyone with vertigo knows how bad this can be, especially while on vacation out of state. I called Outer Banks Chiropractic and got in the same day. After 1 treatment, I was feeling much better. After 2 treatments, I was actually able to enjoy my vacation once more. I came in for a third and final treatment before my long ride home. I could not have been able to enjoy my vacation had it not been for this chiropractic office."

-Sheri B.

"I visited Dr. Hargraves on vacation having extreme lower back pain. He was able to take me in the next day, which was the 4th of July. After seeing him and getting adjusted, the lower back pain was almost gone the following day. Everyone at his office was professional and friendly. I would recommend Dr. Hargraves to everyone in need of a chiropractor."

-Russ M.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Hargraves for the past 2 1/2 years. He is very personable and professional and I always feel relief from my chronic back pain issues after he adjusts my vertebrae. I have played tournament tennis for forty years and would not be able to continue without regular adjustments. I highly recommend his service." 

- Ronald C.

"I came in with severe low back pain and also shoulder pain. I was unable to even put socks on due to pain. Today is my 13th visit and I am doing much better. I am back to my usual daily activities without help. I still have some pain on some days, but I also have days that are pain free. I also have a great deal more range of motion in my back and shoulder."

- Elaine M.

"I came in the day before Thanksgiving with shooting pains in my lower back and down my legs. Dr. Hargraves was so helpful! He took me in without an appointment and worked wonders on my back so I can now sit and stand relatively comfortable. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!"

- Elizabeth L.

"Dr. Dave, Cynthia, Stephanie: I flew from Portland, Oregon for a week at the Outer Banks... two long flights followed by three nights in a twin bed with a cement-mixer granddaughter... then a seven hour drive. I got out of the car at our rental house and couldn't walk (or bend or breathe) without pain. Three visits later (over 5 days) and I am 90% and thinking about hang gliding!!! I'm 61 years old, work full-time as a nurse practitioner/nurse midwife and use chiropractic regularly, and I recommend it to my patients. I know Dr. Dave was the right answer as soon as my back gave out... and he proved  me right. Thanks"

-Kathleen H.

"On the 6th day of my vacation in Nags Head, my lower back went out. Probably due to picking up sea shells without bending my knees. I was in terrible pain and could not straighten up. My daughter called one office and they said we could come in and wait but there was no guarantee that I could see the doctor. I opted not to do this because I felt it would be a waste of time. My daughter went out to the cafe where she got her daily latte and she asked if they could recommend a Chiropractor. Fortunately for me, they said that Dr. Hargraves was the best and he was just across the highway. Susan, my daughter, called the office and they were so wonderful, they told me to bring her in at 10 A.M. If anyone has a back problem they know how relieved I was that someone was going to help me. When I got there I was in terrible pain and could not straighten up. Dr. Hargraves was so kind and after my first visit I could walk straighter and without pain. I had a 2nd visit the next day and was so much better. Dr. Hargraves knew I was leaving for home the following day and he told me to see my own Chiropractor which I did. However without Dr. Hargraves help, the last few days of my vacation would have been miserable for myself and for my family. I shall always be grateful to him and can only recommend the doctor highly. Thank you so much!"

-Joan G.

"I have been to seven different chiropractors in upstate N.Y. All have helped me some what, however the results of my visits with Dr. Hargraves were exceptional. He is very knowlegable and I would recommend his services to anyone who is in need.  Sincerely and with great thanks!"

-Michael G.

"I came here on vacation and on my first day here threw my back out to the point where I could barely walk. After the first visit to see Dr. Hargraves I was standing up straight and felt a lot better. I continued to see Dr. Hargraves during my short stay here. This was the first time I even saw a chiropractor when my back was this bad and he made me feel safe and comfortable. I would highly recommend this practice!"

-Erica F.

"I came to Cape Hatteras for a two week vacation. I had been dreaming of and preparing for this time for six months. On my third day here, I got hit in the head by a paddle board in the surf. It felt like my neck was broken. A trip to the E.R. showed no fracture, but the doctors told me no kiteboarding for this vacation. I was devastated. Dr. Hargraves was able to get me into his office on short notice, so I gave chiropractic a try. After two treatments, I was ready to kiteboard and have a wonderful time for the rest of my vacation. Thank you Dr. Hargraves!"

-Christopher H., MD

"As of May 1, 2011, I have a new hero. My husband and I are business owners from Columbia, SC. Being working owners, we have little time for relaxation and covet our vacations at the Outer Banks. The decision for a vacation this year was very last-minute and gave us just two weeks to prepare. Ten days prior to our leaving, I hurt my back. Thinking it was just a pulled muscle, I was on my back for nine days. Not willing to cancel our trip, I withstood an 8-hour car ride, thinking I could heal just as well at my favorite place on Earth. The day my sister and brother-in-law came to join us, they talked me into seeing a chiropractor. I have never seen one and always thought the practice was all smoke and mirrors. Dr. Hargrave's office worked me in an hour after our phone call, and even stayed late to help me. The presumed "pulled muscle" turned out to be a worse issue altogether. He, in addition, helped an existing and ongoing issue which was diagnosed as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I have been enduring physical therapy twice a week for almost a year for this - there is no need now. After three visits to Dr. Hargraves, I was able to cook in the chef's kitchen at our vacation home, my husband was able to endulge in his passion for surfing, and I could walk on the beach. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Hargraves and his staff. They made it possible for me to enjoy the rest of my vacation."

-Leigh R.

"I came to the beach thinking I would be okay without chiropractic care. By day three I was proven wrong! I called from the beach and explained my situation. Dr. Dave was able to fit me in that afternoon! He was very helpful. I will be back next vacation!"

-Shelley L.

"I wanted to take a moment to thank Dr. Dave for coming to the rescue. I was diagnosed with Vertigo and the dizziness was causing me a lot of anxiety. To make matters worse, the medication that was prescribed increased the symptoms. I kept feeling heaviness in my head and back so I decided to see Dr. Dave. He agreed that I was off balance and offered to help. When he adjusted my back I expected to get off of the table with the same head rush I had been feeling for weeks. To my surprise, I wasn't dizzy anymore! I couldn't belive it. We aren't sure if the Vertigo was caused by the problem in my back or if the adjustment relieved some of the symptoms...but it doesn't matter to me because my dizziness is significantly better than it was. Thanks Dr. Dave! In one visit you made me feel better than two trips to the doctor!"

-Kelly B.

 "Dr. Dave and Staff, thank you for the adjustments! For the last year and a half my right arm, shoulder and neck area have given me serious trouble and pain. Your services have helped me so much in my day to day life. Your staff is so sweet, I look forward to seeing their smiles. Having gone to other chiropractors on the beach, I must say your skills and treatment have been the most effective. I have already recommended you to many people and will refer you to many more. Thanks again."

-Sonja Y.

"I have had the unfortunate experience of what I would call an aggravating shooting pain for over a year in my left hip. When I visited with Dr. Hargraves I explained to him I was unable to sleep without waking up every time rolled over due to a shooting pain in my hip, was unable to stand or sit for extended periods of time without great discomfort and please help alleviate the pain. He took x-rays and spent a great deal of time explaining the results to me and provided me with an action plan and explained what he was going to do to correct my situation. The most amazing shocker was my hip was not even the problem; it was my back as I had been complaining about hip pain for as long as I can remember. I had my first visit and treatment on a Tuesday, and afterward I was still uncomfortable and a little ache here and there but did not seem to have those shooting pains I had experienced on a regular basis throughout the day everyday for as long as I can remember. On Wednesday I had another treatment and was still a little uncomfortable when I moved a certain way but did not have any shooting pains every time I moved a certain way. Low and behold Wednesday night was the first night in as long as I can remember that I did not wake up not even once to shooting pains. I received my third treatment today on a Thursday and I am looking forward to continued improvement and and total alleviation of discomfort. I have lived with it for so long the aches and pains have become the norm, but with the help of Dr. Hargraves I am looking forward to a pain free norm."

-Shannon T.

"I was on my way down the steps, pulling a box behind me and suddenly I felt the most excruciating pain. The pain in my back (lower left side) was debilitating. I hit the floor and called for help and bag of ice. I lay in bed for 24 hours taking muscle relaxers with no relief what-so-ever. I picked up the yellow pages and toyed with the idea of going to the hospital or calling a chiropractor. I'm so glad I went with the latter! Dr. Dave spoke with me, asked me some questions about the location of my pain, how it happened, along with some medical information questions and he told me "He could help me"! I went to his office looking like I had be run over by something! I really didn't care because I was in so much pain! After one treatment/ adjustment I could tell he was going keep his promise that he could and would help me feel better. I was no longer experiencing the horrible pain that took my breath every time I moved. I was able to stand and tell him " I actually feel a little better!" With each visit I was remarkably improved in the way I could stand and the pain was leaving. I'm happy to say that I was pain free after 5 visits. I would like to thank Cynthia his receptionist for being so compassionate and getting Dr. Dave to return my call so promptly. Thank you Katie, for your kind words and tender care while helping me to get comfortable on the table. Lastly, thank you Dr. Dave! You are the best! # 1 Chiropractor as far as I am concerned."

-Bonnie G.

"I was here on vacation and had some very severe pain in my lower back. I called Dr. Dave's office and they were able to see me that very day. Dr. Dave did a full work up and made an adjustment that day. He also was able to see me again the next day and was able to give me significant relief. He also gave me some suggestions about my continuing care. The office staff was great and I was very happy with the service."

-Kathryn E.

"I found Dr. Hargraves' ad in the yellow pages and I guessed right that Dr. Dave was just like my doctor at home. The treatment I received was second to none the staff and everyone involved are just great. I will absolutely come back again."

-Ed M.

"Many of my friends go see a chiropractor but I never thought I needed to; honestly I didn't think it would help. Eventually the pain gets bad enough and everyone gets tired of hearing you complain so I decided take their advice and see a chiropractor. I made an appointment with Dr. Hargraves a few weeks ago (my back and neck pain had started to effect my job) after all the consultation was free! I went in and described the pain and he basically knew exactly what was wrong and even said he may be able to ease the pain in my wrists and arms! I came back in for x-rays and he was correct and it was clear at that point that I needed to be there. I started coming in right away, three times a week,they open early so it worked with my schedule too! He accepts my insurance and after the first week my headaches have stopped, I can turn my head with no pain, talk on the telephone, do all the lawn work I need to do at home and use my computer without pain! The funny thing is that you don't really think about it until you are asked or you try to do something you couldn't do before and it doesn't hurt, or you go to the store and don't have to load up on pain relievers and more! I even sleep better and this makes my husband happy too not to mention that I no longer bug him to rub my back and shoulders every night! I did not expect to feel a difference so quickly! This has been and continues to be a very good experience I only wish I would have gone sooner."

-Michele S.

"I came to Dr. Hargraves and his wonderful staff on July 13, 2009. Because four days earlier before leaving to come here to Outer Banks on vacation, I fell at work landing on my side catching myself with my arm. After arriving on July 11th I was in a lot of pain (my neck) so I decided I needed an adjustment. I chose Dr. Hargraves! I visited his office on July 13th. His wonderful staff helped me get paper work done and he saw me that very day. He helped me immediatly and I came back two more times. He helped me a lot. Since I was on vacation I had to find someone else back home to continue my therapy, but I'm so grateful I came to Dr. Hargraves office!"

-Jacqueline S. H.

"I'd had lower and upper back pain for about four years. It made work miserable, and sitting at a desk to study nearly impossible. After it got to be almost too much to bear, I came to Dr. Hargraves. After two weeks, I could already see a huge difference. Now I can stand, sit, work, and do anything longer without having to stop because of pain."

-Nathan L.

"A few years ago, on our vacation, I was barely able to get out of bed. We found Dr. Hargraves number in the phone book, called and had an appointment right away. I felt great after the first adjustment and went back the next  day, before leaving the OBX on our long 12 hours trip to PA. He adjusted my back and hips again and I was able to make the long trip home without any problems. This year we had an accident on the way (hit a deer), I went to Dr. Hargraves, who took me right in and like the last time the relief after the adjustment was unbelievable. Thank you Dr. Hargraves."

-Leonard H.

"I could not bend over to tie my shoes 10-14-2008, by 10-15-2008  I feel so much better I can jump for joy!"

-Diane D.

"After months of sinus congestion and related problems, a friend of mine suggested going to see a chiropractor. Five minutes after my first adjustment by Dr. Hargraves, I could breathe clearly. I admit that I was skeptical at first, but my sinus trouble and range of motion have improved more and more with each adjustment. I continue to see results with each subsequent visit. Each visit to Dr. Hargraves' has been quick and painless. Further more, I recommend seeing a chiropractor to anyone who has had chronic problems, despite whether it appears to be chiropractic related."

-Bob S.

"I am a thirty one years old male who has an intensive history with severe migraine headaches with symptoms of numbness, slurred speech, and blurred vision. For approximately 21 years I have attempted to maintain and control the symptoms and occurrence using many different ways of intervention without medication. I have used chiropractic care within the past but have not used it regularly for many years. Prior to coming on vacation to the beautiful Outer Banks I experienced a heightened level of occurrence and began using a local chiropractor within my hometown with some relief. While on vacation, I expected another occurrence and located Dr. Hargraves for intervention. To my surprise and relief Dr. Hargraves and hiss staff were highly knowledgeable of my symptoms and corresponding intervention. I was assessed and seen within hours of calling. Dr. Hargraves took the time to make me feel comfortable and completed a manual adjustment. Within an hour I was back to participating in all the activities of vacation  migraine free. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Hargraves and hiss staff and only wish that I could maintain regular appointments with their office. Looking back at the situation it was just another positive memory of the vacation."

-Robert E. R.

"I have been visiting O.B. Chiropractic for many years now. Initially went for tendinitis, then returned for back strain. Dr. Hargraves and his staff, Susan, Erin and Lauren have relieved the problems I had and I continue to see them them weekly. I attribute seeing Dr. Hargraves on a regular basis to my great state of health. He adjusts my spine weekly, but I fully believe by doing this he keeps my whole body healthy. I have not been sick/ ill for four years now. I have and will continue to recommend him to those who pull/ strain their backs or other related problems."

-Wendy S.

"I've been plagued with back pain in the lower back and neck pain. I was hesitant to see a chiropractor even though my wife had been a patient for over a year and she did nothing but rave about how she feels so much better and now only visits for tune-ups. So, after her successes I finally tried and I'm sorry I didn't visit sooner. I get around much better, pain free. Since I've started my visits, I've even bowled my lifetime high series and game."

-Joseph S.

"Before coming to Dr. Hargraves my neck was constantly stiff and hurting. This had gone on so long I didn't even realize it was not normal. Thanks to Dr. Hargraves I can now turn my head again. And use a lot less Tylenol!"

-Bobby H.

"I am here from Sharpsville, PA. Dr. Dave  is an awesome chiropractor. He helped me very much, I could hardly walk or climb steps without heavy pain. He makes you feel like a part of his family. The office young ladies do add a spark to his office and are very pleasant and friendly!! "God Bless All of You!""

-Eleanor O.

"I'm 65 years old and have had regular chiropractic care since my mid-thirties. My neck and lower back pain is managed by monthly( if possible) adjustments. I'm convinced that this care has eliminated the services of other doctors and more than likely pain medication, and who knows what else. I wouldn't trade my chiropractor for anything else in the medical world."

-Carol. S.

"Dr. Hargraves is the only Doctor that has adjusted my neck with success and no pain. My body heals a lot faster, because of good adjustment. Thank you Dr. Hargraves."

-Nancy M.

"Came in with headaches and ankle pain from previous injury. One week later headaches gone and ankle feeling perfect. Also, after initial pain abated body feels much more relaxed and responsive. Neck and other areas have more mobility now as well."

-Michael C.

"When I first started coming to Dr. Hargraves approximately four or five weeks ago I could barely move I was in very severe pain and surviving on pain medication and was suffering so much. Within two weeks I could move much better and I am not taking any pain medications.I am doing very well. Thank you very much Dr. Hargraves. Thanks again."

-Crystal R. G.

"Dr. Hargraves can loosen areas in my upper back that no other chiropractor that I've gone to has been able to do. Hooray!"

-Barbara T.

"I met  Dr. Hargraves and his staff four years ago. I was skeptical of chiropractic care, but had tried every possible form of treatment for chronic neck and shoulder pain. I made my first appointment with the feeling that this would be just another attempt at pain relief that would fail. I was wrong! I noticed a difference after my first visit. I continued to receive treatments and the problem was corrected.I am now a member of the Outer Banks chiropractic team and I am proud to be a part of something I believe in. Chiropractic care changed the quality of my life. The pain I thought I would just have to live with for the rest of my life is gone!"

-Raye Lynn J.

"It only takes one visit to Dr. Hargraves for the aches in my back to disappear. Thank you!"

-Marjorie S. W.

"While on vacation I was having extreme TMJ/ JAN pain. Through the couple treatments, it relieved the pain in my neck and upper back area enough to enjoy my vacation."

-Andria D.

"During my first visit with Dr. Hargraves, he did an X-ray and determined that I was about to go through an unnecessary back surgery. I really needed a hip replacement. My visits with Dr. Hargraves while waiting for the replacement relieved the back pain significantly. I have had the hip replacement and I am thrilled to be back undergoing chiropractic treatment for my back. Hopefully now that my legs are the same length, I don't limp and with continued treatments with Dr. Hargraves  the back issues will be relieved. I am so grateful for his discovery, my life has truly changed."

-Stephanie J. N.

"I was rear-ended on March 6, 2008. The adjustments helped alleviate the pain and stiffness. I was able to return to work rather quickly and the continued visits continued to "work out" the stiffness that would occur by the end of my teaching day."

-Marcia J.

"I was almost at the point of not being able to work. Dr. Hargraves has my tail wagging again!"

-Betty S.

"Constant pain in hands-neck. Numbness in right arm ( tingling ) down to finger tips at times. With time and age my lower back started getting painful. NOW...with constant periodic care I'm active, riding my motorcycle and LOVING LIFE. Thanks."

-Joseph H.

"I awakened on a family vacation with a recurrence of  " old back" pain and a headache. Always a bit skeptical of chiropractic manipulation, my pain overcame my wariness and I found myself in Dr. Hargrave's office. Warmth and professionalism were evident in the entire staff. Dr. Hargraves took the time to reassure me and explain the process. I am pain free and ready to play again after his expert care."

-Susan J.

"I came to the Doctor while visiting on vacation from Michigan. My lower back went out during the twelve hour drive to N.C. I was miserable. After two visits to the center I felt 100 % better. My kids appreciated my new vigor and energy. I am totally satisfied with the doctors patience and ability.I have been under chiropractic care for years. And Dr. Hargraves is one of the best. Thanks a lot."

-Larry H.

"I hurt my back right before coming down on vacation. I was stiff and had pain coming down my leg. The doctor helped to alleviate some of this pain and stiffness. I was able to better enjoy the rest of my vacation."

-Kevin L.

"I was supposed to come down on Saturday, but postponed my drive until Sunday due to the inability to move and/ or drive. I looked Dr. Dave up Monday morning and got immediate relief. I saw him 3 times this vacation week and he literally saved my vacation. I have been seeing chiropractors and PT's all my adult life and he is as good a chiropractor as I have seen. Thank you Dr. Dave and staff."

-William M. W.

"We were vacationing on the Outer Banks when my back "went out". Between the long drive from Indiana and sleeping on a different bed, it was too much. I got Dr. Hargraves' name from the phone book, came in for 3 visits, and he literally saved my vacation! He kept me moving and enjoying the things I had so looked forward to doing. I am so thankful for his expertise and care. His office staff was also very personable and kind. I appreciated that, too!"

-Melinda F.

"After a few days on vacation I could not get out of bed without help from my husband so I opened up the phone book and found this office. They saw me within two hours and after my first visit I was better. Now I'm on my way home without pain. I only wish the Doctor wasn't six hours away because I'd continue my visits. Great Doctor and wonderful Staff!"

-Wanda B.

"Two weeks ago I came in with the most painful experience of my life! My lower back was hurting for about two days( dull but constant pain). By the third day my lower back, hips, tail bone and pelvic area were completely locked up.It felt as if I was paralyzed from the waist  down., but I still could feel very sharp pains.  On my first visit I had to be carried in to the office. I left walking just after one visit. I used crutches to get around for about four days. By the end of the first week I was walking completely by myself. The second week of the treatment was used to get rid of the last bit of stiffness and dull pain in my lower back. After two weeks( 6 visits) I feel like myself again. Thank You Outer Banks Chiropractic Clinic!"

-Sabrina M.

"It all started Friday morning on my way to work.. I was getting out of my truck and I coughed, that was it, my back went out. I left for vacation to NC the next day, in serious pain. Finally, Monday morning was here. I was 500 miles from home and needed a good Chiropractor. I found Dr. Hargraves at 10:30 a.m. I was a new man within 2 hours. We enjoyed our vacation this week with no back pain!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!"
-Kevin D.

"For an entire week before visiting family in Kill Devil Hills, NC, I had been under the care of my chiropractor. My injury had been acute, but I wanted to adhere to our plans. Midway through the week, I was in severe pain. Dr. Hargraves accepted me as a new patient despite my living out of state. During two sessions he made a dramatic change not only in my neck, back, and hip but also in my life. During his conversation with me, I felt him studying me; the way I sat, stood, and responding to his question offered him the insight to realize some of my problems. In those sessions I felt as of decades of pain were allocated. The SI joint had caused me a problem every day for eight years. Any prior manipulation had created an additional discomfort. I’d chosen to live with familiar pain until Dr. Hargraves treated me. He claimed he’d been aggressive. I didn’t hurt during treatment, and I didn’t hurt after the sessions. Yes, I had minor soreness, but upon arrival at home, I saw my own doctor, told him how I’ve been treated, and then my doctor followed up with more aggressive treatment to focus not only on the immediate problem but old injuries as well. Dr. Hargraves through the Outer Banks Chiropractic helped me tremendously. Nearly a month after hurting walked into his office, I am still in awe with a back free of pain. I highly recommended Dr. Hargraves. He is compassionate, professional, and successful in his efforts heal another’s pain. I will return in July with knowledge that I can maintain a pain-free spine."

-Alice Rose C.

"While on vacation here in OBX, I injured my ribs. The pain was very bad, so I gave Dr. Hargraves a chance. After only three treatments, my pain was significantly reduced and I was able to go to the beach and enjoy the rest of my vacation. I highly recommend his services to anyone."

Joanne S., Chambersburg PA.



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